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About Us

About Tileline Group

Welcome to Tileline Group – where world-class expertise meets the art of tiling.

Our Heritage
Tileline is not just a brand; it’s a legacy of excellence and a testament to masterful craftsmanship. Rooted in the vast experience of large-scale renovation projects across the globe, we bring a wealth of knowledge to every tile we offer. Our sister company, 'Professional Tiling by Tony Sweeney,' has been a cornerstone in the tiling industry, earning a reputation for impeccable quality and service. It is this profound background that sets the foundation for Tileline Group.

Our Vision At Tileline, we see beyond the surface. We believe that tiles are not merely a finishing touch but a defining element of any space. Our vision is to bring this transformative power of tiles to your doorstep. With our extensive experience in major renovation projects, we are equipped to provide unparalleled advice and support for projects of any size.

Our Commitment Our commitment is twofold – to quality and to you. We curate a diverse collection of tiles to ensure that every design preference and functional need is met with the highest standards of excellence. From the intricate patterns of classic styles to the sleek finish of modern designs, every tile in our collection is chosen with purpose and passion.

Our Reach While Tileline Group is a new venture, our roots spread wide and deep. Our experience isn't confined to one region; we've laid foundations and transformed spaces worldwide. This global perspective allows us to bring you a curated selection of the finest tiles from around the world, ensuring that your space is not just renovated, but truly revolutionized.

Our Invitation We invite you to explore the world through our tiles. Whether you are looking to bring a fresh perspective to your living space or seeking a robust, stylish solution for a commercial project, Tileline Group is your premier partner. Let us help you create spaces that speak volumes, with tiles that tell a story of quality, beauty, and expertise.

Join us on this journey of transformation, one tile at a time.

What our customers say

Very happy with the recomendations from Tileline in helping me choose tiles for my bathroom. Fast delivery and the bathroom is now incredible. Thank you!

Paul N.

Great service. 10/10 customer service also. Special thanks to Tony and his team for the quick turnaround on such a big order.

Laura B.

Went out of their way to ensure my order was here in time to complete a renovation with late notice. Much appreciated and will be ordering from here again!

Gavin S.

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