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Return Policy

1. Definitions (a) “Supplier” refers to Tileline Group, including its agents and assigns. (b) “Purchaser” denotes any individual, group, firm, or company acquiring goods from or engaging with the Supplier. (c) “Goods” encompass all items provided by the Supplier to the Purchaser.

2. Terms of Service (a) Quotations, price lists, and orders are governed by these terms, which supersede all other terms, including those in catalogs or other documents, and prevail over any Purchaser-specified terms, irrespective of order or negotiations. (b) Amendments to these terms are valid only when written and signed by an authorized representative of the Supplier. (c) Data protection will be in line with GDPR, the Data Protection Act 2018, and our Privacy Notice. (d) Additional services like Machine Hire Repair are subject to separate conditions, available upon request.

3. Representations The Supplier is not liable for any pre-contract statements unless the Purchaser highlights their reliance on such statements in writing before contract commencement.

4. Order Acceptance The Supplier retains the discretion to accept or reject any orders and is not liable for any loss or damage arising from order refusal.

5. Product Quantities Goods sold by weight are based on average quantities; exact numbers are not guaranteed. Manufacturer-provided pack quantities are approximate and subject to change.

6. Product Quality (a) The Supplier will replace or repair defective Goods, subject to specific conditions. (b) Liability is limited to the provisions in (a). (c) All implied warranties or conditions are excluded. (d) The Supplier is not responsible for statutory compliance related to the Goods. (e) Goods' specifications may change, and approximate equivalents may be provided.

7. Indemnity The Purchaser agrees to indemnify the Supplier against all liabilities arising from the supply of Goods.

8. Pricing and Payment (a) Prices are subject to change; payments are due end of month post-invoice. (b) Late payments may incur interest charges. (c) The Supplier may demand payment at any time. (d) Recovery costs for overdue payments will be charged to the Purchaser.

9. Small Orders Orders below a certain value will incur additional charges.

10. Retention of Title Ownership of Goods remains with the Supplier until full payment. Specific conditions apply regarding insurance and handling of Goods.

11. Delivery and Risk (a) Delivery methods and charges vary. (b) The Supplier is not liable for delivery delays. (c) Risk transfers to the Purchaser upon delivery.

12. Returns (a) Conditions for accepting returned Goods. (b) Restocking and handling charges may apply. (c) Special orders are not returnable. (d) Timelines for reporting issues and requesting returns.

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