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Dural Durabase C1++ Matting

Original price £298.99 - Original price £298.99
Original price
£298.99 - £298.99
Current price £298.99
  • 3-Layer Construction: Features a triple-layer build, providing exceptional crack-bridging capabilities and shearing force protection to prevent crack transmission from old or new subfloors to the new surface.
  • Renovation-Friendly: Enables the installation of new tiles over old, damaged, yet load-bearing tiled floors, making it perfect for refurbishment projects.
  • Moisture Management: Incorporates an air channel design to facilitate moisture escape, crucial for installations on anhydrite subfloors not fully dry.
  • Ease of Installation: Designed for quick and easy installation, ensuring high reliability without compromising on quality.
  • Adhesive Efficiency: The optimized dimpled structure reduces the amount of adhesive needed, while still ensuring strong adhesion with standard flexible tile adhesives.
  • Superior Bond Strength: Equipped with a co-extruded woven mesh that enhances tensile bond strength between the matting and the tile adhesive.
  • Underfloor Heating Compatibility: Fully compatible with underfloor heating systems, offering warmth and comfort without impacting functionality.
  • Durability and Resistance: Offers resistance against chemicals, rot, fungi, and bacteria, ensuring long-term durability and hygiene.

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