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Gledopto 5-In-1 RGB-CCT LED Smart Controller: The Ultimate Smart Lighting Solution

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Introducing the versatile and innovative Gledopto 5-In-1 RGB-CCT LED Smart Controller, designed to bridge your lighting setup into the smart era. Supporting both ZigBee 3.0 & RF, this controller allows for effortless integration with an array of LED lighting products and your favorite smart home ecosystems like Philips Hue®, SmartThings, Osram Lightify®, and more. Voice control is a breeze with compatibility with Amazon Alexa, providing hands-free operation for your convenience.

Main Features:

  • Comprehensive Compatibility: Works with Philips Hue®, SmartThings, Osram Lightify®, Amazon Echo Plus, MiLight RGBCCT remotes, and more.
  • Flexible Lighting Control: The OPT button enables precise control over connected LED strips, supporting color change, CCT, RGB, RGBW, and RGB+CCT modes.
  • Adaptable Voltage Range: Accommodates a wide input voltage from 12V to 54V DC, suitable for various lighting needs.
  • Specifications At A Glance:
    • Model: GL-C-001P
    • Input Voltage: DC12-24-36-48-54V
    • Dimensions: 125 x 37 x 24mm
    • Maximum Power: 270W (with specific voltage conditions)
    • Output Current: Up to 5A per channel, 10A total max
    • Operation: Thrives in -20℃ to 45℃, IP20 rated for indoor use

Innovative Control Methods:

  • Smartphone App Control: Compatible with Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa apps, and more.
  • Motion Sensing: Works with Zigbee motion sensors, including Philips Hue.
  • Remote and Wall Switches: Control without a Zigbee hub using Gledopto RF remote or wall switches.
  • Voice Commands: Use Alexa or Google Home for voice-activated lighting control.

Enhanced Connectivity:

  • Supports Zigbee Light Link (ZLL) for robust mesh networking and anti-interference capabilities.

Certified Safety and Performance:

  • Complies with UK and European safety standards, backed by CE and RoHS certification.

Versatile and User-Friendly:

  • Offers multiple control options including smartphone apps, motion sensors, hand-held remotes, multi-zone wall switches, and voice control.

Maximize your smart home's potential with the Gledopto 5-In-1 RGB-CCT LED Smart Controller, offering unparalleled flexibility and ease of use for your lighting environment

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