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Python FR 20kg

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Python FR 20KG - Tile Adhesive

Discover the efficiency of Python FR, a flexible, rapid-setting tile adhesive. It's expertly crafted to ensure tiles are securely fastened, be it on floors or walls, while providing the convenience of quick usage.


  • Features:
    • Flexible, rapid-setting formula ensures quick and durable adhesion.
    • Allows for foot traffic and grouting in just 3 hours.
    • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.
    • Ideal for natural stones, ceramic, and porcelain tiles.
    • Highly recommended for areas prone to movement.
    • Perfectly adaptable for plywood overlay application.
    • No additional additives needed.
    • Fully compatible with underfloor heating systems.
    • Offers resistance against frost post-setting.
Color: Grey

5-7 days

14 days