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Python GT 20kg

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PYTHON GT 20 - Tile Adhesive

Exceptional Adhesive for Challenging Surfaces


Python GT 20 emerges as a frontrunner in adhesive solutions. Specifically developed for anchoring ceramic and porcelain tiles, natural stones, and mosaics to substrates that are typically challenging. This high-specification, highly flexible, and rapid cement-based adhesive ensures lasting results in both interior and exterior settings.


  • Adhesive Classification: C2F S2
  • Features:
    • Engineered to bond to surfaces that are subjected to limited movement and/or vibration.
    • Compatible with green screeds, adding versatility to its application.
    • Incorporates seamlessly with underfloor heating systems.
    • Exhibits superior bonding capabilities with metal substrates.
    • Designed for light foot traffic and permits grouting as quick as 3 hours post-application.
    • Perfect for areas that are frequently or constantly wet, such as swimming pools.
    • Suitable for both internal and external applications.
    • Demonstrates resilience against frost once set.
    • Colour: [Colour name/details to be added]

Whether it's a new installation or a renovation, Python GT 20 provides the reliability and strength your tiles need.

Color: Grey

5-7 days

14 days