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Python HF Levelling 25kg

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Python HF - 25kg Smoothing Compound

Superior Performance for Floor Preparation


Dive into the world of unparalleled flooring with Python HF - 25kg. This high-performance, rapid-setting smoothing compound, rooted in advanced latex-based technology, ensures impeccable floor leveling with its two-part component system. The combination of specially crafted powder and a high-polymer, protein-free liquid offers a seamless application experience.


  • Key Features:
    • Thickness & Application: Can be applied from 2 – 12mm in one go. With additional aggregate, it's capable of up to 30mm thick applications.
    • Versatility: Perfect for both commercial and domestic contexts, it stands out due to its remarkable flow and adhesion characteristics.
    • Prime-Free Application: Eliminates the need to prime most substrates.
    • Moisture Resilient: Can be confidently applied over various surfaces such as sand/cement screeds, concrete, asphalt/bitumen flooring grades, old adhesive residues tolerant to moisture, epoxy damp proof membranes, and plywood.
    • Compatibility: Works harmoniously with underfloor heated screeds and is ideal for encapsulating electric underfloor heating elements.
    • Workability: Remains easy to work with for 20 – 25 minutes post-mixing.
    • Setting Times: Ready for light foot traffic after roughly 90 minutes and is suitable for tile application after 3 hours. For decorative floor coverings, a mere 4-hour wait is necessary.
    • DPM Preparation: Ideal for smoothening subfloors ahead of a Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) installation.

Considering a robust and reliable solution for your flooring needs? Python HF - 25kg stands tall as an answer.

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