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Schluter Ditra Matting

Original price £329.00 - Original price £329.00
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£329.00 - £329.00
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  • Ideal for various substrates: Works well with wood, metal, fresh concrete, and leveling compounds.
  • Designed for stability: Handles multi-directional shifts in the substrate, providing a durable base for natural stone and ceramic tiles.
  • Advanced construction: Features a high-density polyethylene layer with unique square, interlocking recesses, plus a bottom layer of specialized fleece.
  • Multi-functional: Serves as an uncoupling layer, waterproof barrier, and vapor pressure equalizer, while being rot-resistant and flexible.
  • Easy installation: Lays directly on the substrate, fleece side down, simplifying the application process.
  • Enhanced waterproofing: Use with Schluter Kerdi-Keba for complete waterproofing, ensuring long-term protection and stability for your flooring projects.

5-7 days

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