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Validus Aspecto 5kg

Original price £21.99 - Original price £21.99
Original price
£21.99 - £21.99
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  • Adaptable Use: Fits grouting for 1 to 6mm gaps, versatile across tiling projects.
  • Hygiene Plus: Offers antibacterial and mould resistance, essential for wet areas like bathrooms.
  • Water Resistance: Its formulation creates a barrier against moisture, protecting tiles and sub-surfaces.
  • Weather and Wear Resistant: Withstands extreme conditions, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Ease of Application: Known for simple application and cleanup, enhancing work efficiency.
  • Aesthetic Finish: Cures to a smooth appearance, elevating the space's look.
  • Environmentally Friendly: EC1 R PLUS certified for low emissions, promoting eco-consciousness.
  • Standards Compliant: Meets EN 13888, CG2WA, ensuring quality and reliability.
Colour: Telegrey

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